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Who are we and what is https://argopublications.gr/?

This website (the "Website") is the online store of the company with the name "ARGO PUBLISHING - ADVERTISING SINGLE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY", the distinctive title “ARGO PUBLISHING & ADVERTISING CO. LTD” with TIN.: 095554946 / 4th Tax Authority of Athens., with General Commercial Registry number.: 069180503000, which is based in Athens, on Rigillis street, number 26, 10674, with telephone number (+30) 2107244999 and with e-mail address orders @ argopublications.gr (the "Company").

Through our online store and by phone, you can proceed to remote purchases of our Company's publications, in which the important chapters of Modern Greek merchant shipping are recorded, in order the work of Greek shipping (the " Publications ») to be promoted to general public. All Publications are signed by the historical researcher and author, George M. Foustanos.

The sale of our Publications is made exclusively to natural persons who have full legal capacity, and / or to legal persons, who in no case seek the resale or commercial exploitation of our Publications.

Please read the following Terms carefully before browsing the Company’s Website or making purchases through this online store. Any use of this Website, any order either through our online store or by phone requires that you have accepted all the Terms, which together with the Privacy Policy constitute a single set and govern the contractual relationship between us. If you do not agree with all the Terms, please refrain from any use of the Website and do not make purchases, otherwise it is presumed that you have fully accepted the Terms.

How is our online store structured?

In our online store you can find Publications of our Company, which are basically related to the merchant shipping of the Greeks and its evolution, the evolution of the merchant ship, the Greek ports, the Greek shipowners etc. and include rich and rare photographic material.

When you enter our Website, you will find:                        

  • The "Home" section, in which for your convenience you can find the latest Publications of the Company,
  • The "Books" section, in which you will find all the Publications of the Company using the filtering and sorting tools. It is noted that these tools are set solely for the convenience of the user and the Company is not responsible for the automated results resulting from their use and
  • The "Contact" section, in which you can fill in your name (optional), your e-mail address (required) and your phone number (optional) to send us any comments / questions.

How can I submit and complete an order?

Firstly, you need to select the Publication you want to buy, which you will find as mentioned above. By clicking on the book, you are interested in, you will see its cover, a part of its content, its title, a short description, its characteristics, its price and the options of the quantity, of "Add to cart" and “Buy now ".

By clicking "Add to Cart", the amount of books you have selected goes to cart and you have the option to continue browsing the Website and possibly select other books to add to your cart. You can also go to your cart at any time and see the details in relation to its contents, modify and / or delete books from it.

After your selection you can click on the top right to go and explore your cart before proceeding to the order. If you wish, you can click "Complete Order", and then fill in your contact details and the address where your order will be shipped, afterwards, you will see how the shipping costs of your order were formed and finally you have to choose how you want to pay for the order you placed (cash on delivery, bank deposit, PayPal, Viva Wallet, credit card, debit card, prepaid card, etc.) or "PayPal", so you to be transferred to a safe part of the provider to complete your order. Upon the completion of your order, an email acknowledging your order will be sent to you.

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card or PayPal or Viva Wallet, the process is done and completed in a secure part of the banking company or PayPal or Viva Wallet, to which you are transferred after choosing this payment method. In this case your personal data is collected by the banking company or PayPal or Viva Wallet and not by the Company. The Company reserves the right to either reject your order or to withdraw from the sale in case it identifies any problem in relation to the card details you have stated.

You can also place orders by phone, which are also subject to these Terms. Following your phone order, an e-mail with the confirmation of your order will also be sent to the address provided by you. This address will be used to inform you about the progress of your order. Your phone orders can be placed from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am. until 6:00 p.m. by calling (+30) 2107244999. By using this ordering method, you can only pay by cash on delivery or bank deposit to an account maintained by the Company.

The prices of our books displayed on the Website are in Euro and inclusive of tax. However, this price does not include the shipping costs of your order, which are configured according to the shipping address you have filled in, as mentioned above. The Company, in any case reserve the right to change its commercial policy in relation to the deliveries, its collaborations with the courier companies as well as the prices of its books, informing you before the conclusion of the contract between us.

We remind you that, in any case, in order to complete your order, you have to take into consideration these Terms and fully agreed with their content. In this way you conclude a contract with the Company, in accordance with the provisions of article 513 et seq.

When will the books be delivered to me?

The books that are available are sent immediately and are usually delivered within 2-3 working days within Greece, within 7-10 working days for shipments concerning Europe and within 15-30 days for shipments concerning countries outside Europe. The Company is not able to guarantee the delivery of the products to you during the above intervals since the deliveries are made by a courier company, in case of unforeseen weather conditions, extremely heavy load on the courier companies (e.g., during the Christmas period) etc.

Our Company cooperates for the delivery of your orders inside and outside Greece with the Company under the name "Golden Courier Hellas SA" and the distinctive title "Golden Courier Hellas SA", which is based in Piraeus, Attica, 37 Gravias Street and Egaleo number 8A with General Commercial Registry number 044643007000 and TIN number 099878090 (tel.: 2104061100, e-mail: courier@goldencourier.gr).

For orders outside Greece, you are given the opportunity to track them through a tracking system (finding an order with a shipment number / tracking number), which unfortunately does not happen in orders within Greece.

The Company is not responsible if the employee of the above transport company goes to the place you have defined as a place of delivery within the above deadlines and it is not possible for you to receive the shipment due to your absence.

In this case the transport company will give you a notice about the employee's move to the point, either by written notice or by text message to the phone number you have given to us when completing your order. In case you do not receive your order for a certain period of time by the courier company, it returns to the Company, your order is canceled and you are refunded the amount of money you may have already paid.

Do I have the right to cancel / modify my order?

You reserve the right to modify and / or cancel your order, in case the shipment has not already left from the Company's warehouse. For the modification or cancellation of the order, please contact with the Company by calling (+30) 2107244999, sending an e-mail to orders@argopublications.gr or a letter to the postal address of the Company: 26 Rigillis Street, number 26, Athens, 10.

Do I have the right to withdraw from the contract between us?

You reserve the right if you are a consumer, therefore a natural person who does not act on the basis of any commercial / business / professional activity, according to article 3e of Law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, to withdraw from the distance contract between us within fourteen (14) days from the day our products came into your physical possession. In this case you do not need to give any explanation and no reason why you want to withdraw. Legal persons do not reserve this right.

In order to exercise this right, you must notify us within fourteen (14) days in the following ways:

a) By phone service at (+30) 2107244999, Monday and Friday and from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

b) By sending an e-mail to orders@argopublications.gr

c) By sending a simple mail to the Company's headquarters, in Athens, Rigillis Street, number 26, 10674.

In all of the above cases an explicit withdrawal declaration must be included.

We inform you that for the return of the books, they must be in the original received condition, their packaging must not be violated and there must be proof of their retail sale. The Company does not accept returns from personalized items. It is noted that the shipping costs in case of withdrawal will be covered by the customer and not the Company.

Returns will be send to the address of the Company's headquarters, i.e. in Athens, on Rigillis Street, and number 26, 10674.

Your refund in case of withdrawal will be deposited within 20-30 days from day our Company receives the products into a bank account provided by you. You must notify the Company of the correct details of your bank account, which is released from any liability in case it pays the amount of money to the bank account number provided by you.

What is the responsibility of the Company if the product has real defects or its agreed quality are missing?

The Company is liable to you in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code for the responsibility of fulfilling the sale (Article. 513 et seq.), with the law of consumer protection as well as the provisions of this contract between us. It is noted that the Company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental or consequential losses or for lost profit of the buyer, for any damage to his reputation, customers or prestige, which are attributed to the contract of sale or inability to use of this Website. In addition, it is not responsible for failures, delays of its associates (e.g., banking companies) as long as it has given itself order in time to perform a certain service.

If a product is defective or the agreed qualities are missing, we can replace it if you inform us within a reasonable time unless such action is either impossible or requires disproportionate costs covered by us. In any case, if there is a real defect or lack of agreed quality, you reserve the right to request a reduction of the price paid or to withdraw from the contract between us if it is not a minor defect.

We remind you that the Company makes every effort to deliver its products to you in a reasonable time, the products to have these agreed qualities and for you to remain in any case happy with our services to you. For any issue that may arise, for any information or question you can always contact our Company with the information mentioned above (see condition 6).

Who has the intellectual property rights of the Company Publications?

The full content of this Website is the intellectual property of the Company. The Company also retains the copyright of this software, the full content of its Publications, texts, photographs and drawings that may be contained in them and are therefore protected under European and Greek copyright legislation.

Therefore, any copying, downloading, distribution, transmission, retransmission, illegal presentation to the public of the content of this Website and its Publications separately is prohibited, in order to protect in any case, the creator’s copyright. Under no circumstances should the appearance of the books on this Website or even their sale to you constitute a transfer or assignment of a license or right of use and commercial exploitation.

In the event of a disagreement or dispute between us, which Courts have jurisdiction and which is the applicable law?

These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek Law. By accepting these Terms you expressly agree that for any dispute arising between you and the Company, the Courts of Athens (Greece) have the exclusive jurisdiction.

There is also provision for the settlement of consumer disputes and the Alternative Dispute Resolution process, which you can resort to if you are a consumer-natural person. The certified, in this case, for this purpose, Alternative Dispute Resolution Body (ADR) is the European Consumer Center of Greece (ECC GREECE) - Consumer Advocate, based in Athens, Alexandras Avenue, number 144, 11471, tel: (+ 30) 2106460284, e-mail address: info@eccgreece.gr and e-mail address: www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr.

In any case, you must first contact, in accordance with the above reasons (see term 6) with the Company, so that we can try to solve your problem.

Modifications to these Terms.

These Terms can be freely modified by the Company and will be published for your information on this Website. Therefore, before proceeding to any purchase, please refer to and check them.

Last update 18/1/2022